Honolulu: 4. Beach, Pool, Lagoon, and Colby’s

We got up early to move a couple of floors to our new unit, check out our new view, and enjoy a waffle for breakfast! 🙂  

We found some nice inflatables at the ABC market to use in the pool, so we tried them out in the pool and the ocean, and the lagoon…and the ocean and the lagoon…and back to the ocean and then the lagoon.  It was a nice way to spend the day. 🙂   

That evening, Colby invited us to his place for a BBQ.  It was excellent — pork tenderloin, a fabulous salad, cheesy potatoes, grilled asparagus, champagne with strawberries, and chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies for dessert!  Before we went down to the BBQ area, we enjoyed another sunset view!  

Here’s me enjoying my champagne.  Also for those who saw the post from St. Patrick’s Day in Australia, you’ll notice that I made my shamrock into a flower and added “Aloha”! 🙂


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