Honolulu: 3. Museum and Planetarium, Dinner and Dancing!

We had one rainy and overcast day while we were in Honolulu.  We found out later that it was a record low for the day at 61 degrees.  We thought it was a little cool, but the locals thought it was COLD! 🙂  

As it wasn’t much of a beach day, we decided to spend some time at the Bishop Museum, which focuses on the cultural and natural heritage of Hawaii. We also stopped by the planetarium for the daily show that recreates the night sky.  It was a great presentation!  During the presentation, we learned that the “Southern Cross” and “Leo” would be in the night sky! While we were able to see the “Southern Cross” while we were in Australia (in the southern hemisphere), Hawaii is one of the only places you can see it from the northern hemisphere.  

In the science building, there were all kinds of great displays and information about tsunamis, volcanoes, native bugs, etc., including a giant photo of Duke Kahanamoku, known as the “father of modern surfing.”    


Looking at the variety of sands in Hawaii — white, black, green — and learning about where Hawaii is in relation to other islands and continents…far away!!


While Mike and the kids went to see the lava demonstration, I roamed around in the hall looking at all kinds of Hawaiian history and even getting a chance to make a Hawaiian quilt pattern using an interactive display. 🙂


We met back in the great hall and roamed around a bit more before heading back to the condo to get ready for dinner.

That evening, we met Mike’s friend Colby who he’s know since 1981, his son, and Colby’s girlfriend for dinner at The Chart House, which was just around the corner.  Before dinner, we shared a couple pupus (Hawaiian word for appetizer) — poke (a popular Hawaiian dish that is basically a raw fish salad) and black and blue tuna (which is raw tuna rubbed with a spice rub and served with wasabi dipping sauce).  We all gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised. 🙂  For dinner, Mike and I had swordfish served with asparagus and mashed potatoes/brown rice that was excellent!  L had the kids fish sticks that were fresh, not frozen, and very good.  G had mac and cheese! For dessert, G had a chocolate sundae, L had a strawberry sundae, I had key lime pie, and Mike had pineapple sorbet.

While we finished visiting, the kids all went down to the ground floor and played several rounds of foosball and then we headed over to the Iliaka courtyard to listen to some music and do a little (very little) dancing. 🙂

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