Honolulu: 2. Beach Time, Spam Jam, and Fireworks!

A little overcast, but still a great day for the beach!  The kids wanted to do some boogie boarding, but the waves weren’t cooperating.  They improvised and did some skimboarding instead! 🙂  

Both kids had MUCH more success than shown, but these were the only videos Mike got.

The rain started to move in, but it didn’t stop the surfers.  See all those black dots in the water?  They’re all surfers waiting to catch a wave!!

The rain ended and made for beautiful shades of blue over the ocean.

We could look down from our balcony and see the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Starlight Luau getting started. 

We decided to take a walk to the other end of Waikiki beach.  As we were walking, we spotted a beautiful rainbow over the city.

This building reminded me of the outside of a pineapple!

We wondered into the courtyard of The Royal Hawaiian hotel, celebrating its 90th anniversary!  So pretty in pink!  And these branches look like lace!

From there, we headed back out onto the street toward Spam Jam!  Yes, it was the 15th Annual Spam Jam Festival! For those of you not familiar with Spam, it’s a canned meat product introduced in 1937 and made in Austin, Minnesota!

There were tents full of every kind of dish you could think of created by top Honolulu restaurants with Spam as the main ingredient!  In addition, there were several bands playing along Kalakaua Avenue.  It felt a bit like Grand Ol’ Day! 🙂

We decided to go with the Spam Reuben and potato salad.  Despite being from Minnesota, I’d never had Spam before, so I gave it a go, and I have to say, both the sandwich and the salad were quite tasty!

We rushed back to watch the fabulous fireworks display right from our lanai!


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  1. Make sure to check out the spam museum as a “close to home” destination sometime. It’s really interesting!!

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