Honolulu: 1. Old Friends and a Room with a View!

With some inside info from Mike’s high school buddy we were able to stay in a great building in Waikiki.  Our first unit had a fabulous view of the ocean, lagoon, pool, and FIREWORKS for a few nights.  Then the second unit (in the same building) had a view of the ocean, marina, and courtyard.  It was a perfect spot for us!

So, after getting settled into our space, we visited another old friend (of the non-human variety) the Old Navy store. Yes, we were in need of swimwear for Mike, G, and L, after Mike left them drying on a clothesline in Rotorua. :/  I ended up with a pair of flip flops (called slippers in Hawaii) and a cover-up…because…um…well they went perfectly with my suit! 🙂  We got our beach gear on and headed out to the beach and pool to check things out.

I fell asleep on the bed after dinner and woke up to fireworks from our balcony at 7:45!! Leo had fallen asleep, too, and thought we were at the airport and was trying to figure out what was banging! 🙂  The fireworks were super cool!!  Lights out at 9 pm for all of us as we were tired! 🙂

Postcard picture morning in Honolulu with bacon, fresh pineapple, and Kona coffee for breakfast on the lanai!! 🙂  

The kids and I got our suits on and headed down to the pool while Mike got caught up on emails, etc.

G’s “Aloha” toes! 🙂


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  1. Kate succinctly said, after seeing this post, “The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave!”

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