New Zealand: Plimmerton

Plimmerton, North Island – April 17 to April 20, 2017

On our first evening in Plimmerton, we enjoyed the sunset and views of the ocean!

This narrow and really steep stairwell brought us down to the sea from our house.
The bottom of the stairwell and across the road is the sea! G is sitting on the bench.
Nothing more fun than climbing on rocks for these two!
Amazing rock formations like it hardened as soon as it hit the sea! 🙂
Pretty sunset view from the driveway of our house up on a hill.
The sun as it dips down into the horizon.
Another view from the back of our house on a balcony. Hard to stop taking pictures! 🙂

The next day, we spent most of the afternoon at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Te Papa) in Wellington, which was recommended by several people along the way.

Mr. Kevin in Picton told us all about Pounamu, so we recognized what this was right away! 🙂

We started our visit at the Quake Breaker exhibit and learned a bit about the Maori stories about earthquakes and a Kiwi-based innovation called base isolators that is helping to protect people and buildings around the world that are susceptible to seismic activity.

In the Mountains to Sea exhibit, we learned about all the diverse environments, plants, and creatures that are a part of New Zealand, including a whole area on the colossal squid!

We all felt a little sad about the poor dodo bird.

This is the size of a blue whale heart. It’s big enough to crawl inside!  Sadly, they are an endangered species. There are only a couple thousand left in the Southern Hemisphere.

Probably our favorite exhibit was one about WWI that had opened the day before we were there.  The Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War told the story “through the eyes of eight New Zealanders” who were part of the Gallipoli campaign.

The exhibit was created in partnership with the Weta Workshop, famous for creating special effects and props for countless movies (most famously for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings).  For the Gallipoli exhibit, they created absolutely amazing life-like sculptures that were 2.4 times human size.  They were so realistic; you felt as though you were standing next to giants, who were telling you their stories.  It was an absolutely incredible way to experience this particular history of WWI.

There is another area of the museum dedicated to the Maori people, but photos aren’t allowed inside the exhibit.  The boat below was outside the entrance to it. 

Our last full day in Plimmerton, we spent a good chunk of time climbing on all of the rocks along the shore and exploring creatures in the tide pools.

There was sign explaining that in the 50s two men put these railroad tracks and ball markers in the water to guide their boats into the sea! 🙂
Mike suggested that should G and L ever cut a record, this should be their first album cover! 🙂

Afterward, we walked into town to see what we could find for lunch.  We ended up at Kafe Oranje, where both L and G happily ordered waffles with fresh fruit!

Pretty bike outside a flower shop near the cafe.

Our last night provided an absolutely amazing sunset! 

Next stop…Taupo!

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  1. Hello Duebers!

    We are missing you all but enjoying your posts and seeing all of the great places you’ve been! What a great adventure!

    Jodi, my friend, I love your new do!

    Looking forward to seeing more photos and stories from Hawaii.

    Safe travels,
    McHolschers 🙂

  2. That WWI exhibit looks amazing. What a curious idea to do it at that scale. I guess they needed a break from Hobbits!

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