New Zealand: Prior to Picton — Marlborough Wine Region

On our way to Picton, we drove through the Marlborough Wine Region, which was beautiful with sprawling land leading to hills and mountains all around.  Pictures from the car (below) don’t really do it justice, but at least it’s a little taste.

We stopped for lunch at the Saint Clair Family Estate.  It was a beautiful vineyard with a great restaurant and fabulous food!  Our waiter happened to be from California. His family has a vineyard, so he was spending some time in New Zealand learning about their wines.


G had deconstructed nachos.  I loved how they served them in the fun dishes and carrier!

L was very happy with his hamburger.

Mike and I shared the fish of the day served with fresh tomato salsa, oven-roasted polenta and a spinach/fennel salad.

G and L’s meals came with ice cream cones, of course!

Conveniently, right across the road from the vineyard was the Makana Chocolate Factory! As Mike and I didn’t get any ice cream, it only seemed fair to stop for chocolate! 🙂

They had samples of their Macadamia Butter Toffee Crunch, which was so good that we had to buy a small box of it. 🙂

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