New Zealand: Wakefield – A Day in Nelson

Wakefield, South Island – April 4 to April 9, 2017

The kids and I spent a day in Nelson (about 25 minutes from Wakefield) while Mike drove to Picton for the day to exchange our rental car.  We started out by picking up a city map and brochures and then walked a few blocks and had lunch at La Gourmandise, a French café that served delicious galettes and crêpes and gave us all a chance to speak a little French! 🙂

After lunch, we walked up a rather steep hill to the Center of New Zealand. Literally! It was a great walk!

At the top, there was a plaque to mark the center spot and magnificent views in all directions!

We caught our breath after the steep climb, took in the views, did a little sketching (L), and took selfies (G)!

After our hike, we roamed around town a bit and then walked back to the i-Site (visitor center) to find out where to get good ice cream. 🙂  We don’t think the young woman working there was expecting that as a question, so she was excited about telling us where to go.  She sent us down the street a few blocks to Penguino’s, which is known for its unique flavors.

And then we were off to meet Mike, who came back to pick us up in a shiny red rental car! 🙂

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