Cyclone Cook is Coming!

In the interest of making the world a little smaller, I suggest you take a look at the weather we’re experiencing.  New Zealand is a small country (about the size of Colorado, but long and skinny) with only about 4 million people.  But they get far more than their fair share of natural disasters.  There are lots of earthquakes every day, Cyclone Debbie flooded a big portion of the North Island last week, and now Cyclone Cook is hitting today, adding even more water where there is room for none.

Long walk down to the sea.

We’re safely in Picton, NZ in the north central part of the South Island.  Cyclone Cook will hit us about midnight (7am Minnesota time), they even cancelled the ferry runs between Wellington and Picton, which seldom happens.  We’re far up a hill from the ferry port and bay and should be safe and sound, high and dry.

All the road closures and horrible rains have kind of messed up our (very loose) plans to visit the North Island, but we’re enjoying the South Island and the people here and all is well.

We’ll report more here and on Facebook tomorrow, I’m sure.

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