New Zealand: Pegasus Town

Pegasus Town, South Island, New Zealand March 22-March 30.

Delia was at the airport to pick us up at the start of our Australian adventures and graciously offered to give us a ride back to the airport at the end of our adventures in Australia.  

While we were all sad to say goodbye to Australia and good friends, we were also excited about continuing our adventures in New Zealand.  We had a nice, short flight via China Air to Christchurch.  


After we arrived in Christchurch, we picked up our rental car and headed about 25 minutes north to Pegasus Town. It’s a small but growing town, where we spent a lot of time just enjoying the small-town feel.

A playground a couple blocks away next to a centrally located man-made lake.

Kids across the street to play with who were a brother (G’s age) and a sister (a couple years younger than L).  They had a blast together — playing basketball, jumping on the trampoline, going to the playground, and best of all using wheels — multiple skateboards and scooters — that they shared with G and L!! 😉


A really nice coffee shop and restaurant, where we had fish and chips one night and then enjoyed books from their “library,” while listening to live music!


The ocean beach was just a 20-minute walk through the woods.

Time to hang out and bake!  L and I made shortbread one night. We’ve got a super easy recipe.  It’s so easy, in fact, that you can make it with minimal baking tools, which in our case was necessary — a bowl, a spoon, and an empty 100 g glass coffee jar! (Scroll to the bottom for the recipe! It’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s darn tasty!;) ) 


Another day, G made a batch of these and shared them with the neighbors! 🙂  They were delicious!




Simple Shortbread

  • 250 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 200 grams of flour

Melt half the butter and cut the other half into small pieces.  Place in a large mixing bowl.  Add sugar and mix with spoon until creamy and well blended.  Add flour and mix well.  When mixed, it should be a soft crumbly texture, but not too dry.  Transfer to a greased 8×10 inch baking pan.  Gently press the mixture into the pan so it is firm and not loose.  Poke all around with a fork and bake at 150 Celsius for about 30 minutes, just until the edges start to get golden.

Let it set for 5 to 10 minutes and then cut into squares or rectangles.  If you let it fully cool, it’ll be hard to cut, and you’ll end up just breaking it apart.

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