Back in Melbourne: 9. Clip and Climb

Delia included Clip ‘n Climb on her super list of things to do in Melbourne, but we didn’t make it there on our first stay.  When we got back to Melbourne, it was one of the first things G and L asked about doing. 🙂

Heading over there, we passed by “The LEGO Building.” It’s not really made of Legos, obviously, but doesn’t it look like it is?

As we walked into the warehouse where Clip ‘n Climb is located, G and L were excited to see a darling 4-month old Pomeranian puppy that belonged to the receptionist.

After a quick safety briefing, it was time to get clipped in and start climbing.

With 37 climbing challenges, plus the Leap of Faith bonus climb, one of the best things about trying them all out was not having to rely on a belay buddy because all of the climbs use auto belay.

The giant green posts were definitely the favorite of Mike, G, and L!


Face-to-Face climb.

Tornado climb.

Tree Trunk climb.

Skyscraper climb.

Dark Tower climb.

The Leap of Faith — all suited up and ready to leap!

Climbing up to the platform and then the leap!!

Speed climb — racing to the top.

Amazing climb.

Beanstalk climb.

Steelworks climb.

Hexed climb.

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