Back in Melbourne: 8. St. Kilda Adventure Playground in French!

The St. Kilda Adventure Playground was definitely one of G and L’s favorites in Melbourne, but during the week it didn’t open until 3:30 pm.  We headed over again one afternoon, shortly after it opened.  The kids had been counting down the minutes! 🙂

While we were there, we heard several kids speaking French. After a couple of “bonjours,” G was off to play with them, using both French and English.

L wanted to work on some of his trampoline stunts before joining the others.

After the kids played and Mike and I chatted with the parents for a while (they just moved to Melbourne from France in September!), we headed to Seven Apples for ice cream. It’s definitely one of our favorite ice cream shops!  Grace had the lemon sorbet, Leo and Mike had Bounty (which was coconut with chocolate swirl–so good!), and I had the always delicious cookies and cream.


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