Back in Melbourne: 11. Albert Park Playground and Grand Prix!

We headed out from our apartment to try out the Albert Park Community playground. On the way, we got to see both an Australian Rules Football match and a cricket match!

Getting there took quite a while because of detours and closed pathways due to set up being done for the Melbourne Grand Prix. It ended up being an unusual walk, but it was kind of fun to walk through the massive area/tracks without any spectators or noisy cars.

The grandstands were missing both people and advertising!

While we weren’t in town for the Grand Prix, here are a few pictures from the official web site that show a much different version of the peaceful track and empty grandstands that we saw!

The long (and hot!) walk was totally worth it, though, as the playground was a giant version of a favorite St. Paul playground (Expo)! The kids were super excited!! It was perfect for playing capture the flag and hide-and-go-seek!

Those are the Grand Prix grandstands in the background.

On our way back, we walked down by Albert Park Lake, where we stopped to check out the temporary bridge for the Grand Prix (also without advertising yet) and stand on an impressive old tree!

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