Back in Melbourne: 4. Weet-Bix, Bubbles, Foodtrucks, and Saturn!

On a beautiful Sunday morning, we headed over to watch the kids TRYathalon, sponsored by Weet-Bix cereal. It was a very impressive and well-organized event!  There were more than 2,500 kids, and G and L are now looking forward to participating in one sometime!

After the race was over, they had all sorts of stuff for kids to do, including eating some breakfast at the Weet-Bix cereal buffet and trying out a little cricket in a batting cage.

We walked down by the beach to see where the swimming portion took place and ended up finding another one of the planet sculptures — Saturn!!

As we continued walking, we, along with lots of other kids and families, were drawn to giant bubbles floating in the air.  When we got a little closer, we could see a woman standing on a small hill with a giant bubble maker.  She was like the pied piper!  She didn’t really talk to anyone; she just had a pleasant look on her face as she stood there in a flowing dress with flip flops, a backpack, and a bucket of soap water making bubbles. It was quite peaceful, except for the delighted squeals coming from both kids and adults as the bubbles came floating one by one or as long streams.

In another area of the beach, there was a foodtruck fiesta that was helping to raise money for the St. Kilda Mums organization. Besides the wide variety of food available, there were tables/blankets set up all over where you could eat and listen to music (or bounce a ball!).


We tried some dumplings from Dum and Dumpling — chicken, pork, and shrimp — that were super tasty.


It was a gorgeous day, so we continued along the Esplanade, through the St. Kilda Esplanade Market, and then past Luna Park, the Palais Theatre, and the St. Kilda Community Garden (Veg Out).


We stopped for a bit to throw the ball around…

A right-handed thrower learning to throw from a left-handed thrower.

… and have a quick workout before ending up at another…you guessed it…playground, where the kids played a bit of sandman and did some balance beam shows! 🙂


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