Back in Melbourne: 3. Half Birthday, Playgrounds, Farmer’s Market, Seashore Sights

We celebrated G’s half birthday with eggs and cinnamon rolls (her choice) and then headed to yet another new playground!

It’s amazing sometimes how many playgrounds there are!  While G worked on gymnastics skills, L worked on his drawings.  They joined up later to compare notes! 🙂

We enjoyed the Elwood Farmer’s Market so much last month, that we decided to head back again.  While some of the vendors were the same, there were a few new ones, too, including a young woman selling French macarons. G and I had a sample — they were delicious! — and chatted with her (en francais of course!) for a bit. She was from Paris and has been living in Melbourne for 6 years. G and I agreed they were the best macarons we’ve had…tasty, not too crumbly…mmmmm, so we bought a couple of chocolate raspberry ones. 🙂

Afterward, we stopped at the Elwood Primary School to play on the playground for a while. It was a very cute school with a great playground layout, including large, leafy trees in a pretty courtyard area and giant chess boards painted on the concrete!

While walking along the beach at St. Kilda one day, we spotted sculptures of a giant dog and bunny drinking coffee, the Jupiter sculpture (part of the St. Kilda Solar System Trail that we’d done when we were in Melbourne the first time…but didn’t complete), and a black 2-masted sailboat out in the distance!!

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