Back in Melbourne: 1. Return via Queenscliff to Elsternwick

This is post 1 of 12 “Back in Melbourne” posts highlighting our adventures in Melbourne (March 7 – 22) after we returned there from our lovely tour around the Australian state of Victoria.

We headed back to Melbourne via Queenscliff — a charming Victorian village.


In addition to the beautiful Victorian architecture, it has a great lighthouse built in 1862 from bluestone.  It’s the only black lighthouse in the southern hemisphere.  While we couldn’t go inside, we got a little closer to it by walking around Fort Queenscliff.


We also climbed to the top of the 360-observatory tower for views of Port Phillip and the lighthouse.


Back in Melbourne, we stayed in an area called Elsternwick this time.  It wasn’t too far from where we stayed earlier, so we were fairly familiar with the area.  We spent some time at a great playground close by, enjoyed the architecture, found some cool mosaics along the sidewalk, noticed a cute bike and helmet, tried out a new ice cream place, and saw a nice sunset! 


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