Barwon Heads: More Beach Life

While we were in Barwon Heads, we officially passed the 6-month mark of our adventure (March 5)! When we look back on all we’ve done and seen and learned and experienced, though, it’s amazing!

Here are G and L ready to walk Sunday services at this sweet, little Anglican Church. Other than a young priest and his family, we were the 4 youngest people there by several years (out of the 10 other people there), but it was a nice service with beautiful music!  

Heading back to our cottage, we spotted this cute little camper cafe!  How fun would that be?

So how’s this for a coincidence — my dad sent me the picture below on the same day that we saw the coffee camper van, as an option for our travels !! 🙂  Perhaps it’s a sign…better start researching camper vans and pink paint! 🙂

Just down the street was this quaint little pop-up garden market.  Unfortunately, we weren’t there on the open days, but it looked like lots of fun!

We had to stop in a shop called Kiitos because it was a word we used a lot while in Finland, which means “thank you.”  The owner is actually from Greece but has spent a lot of time in Finland.  She was fun to chat with and had a great selection of Marimekko products, including this cute little coin purse.


The remaining time in Barwon Heads was spent in the yard and garden, on the beach, and at the playground.  

Here’s G working on her handstand and back walkover!  

A few of the beautiful garden flowers!

Another day, we walked down to the post office to send a few postcards and had a fun chat with the couple running the post office, who knew where Minnesota is (which not surprisingly is rare 🙂  )!  The postman’s brother’s wife’s sister’s son got drafted by the Twins — Lewis Thorpe! Small world! 🙂  

While wandering around on the beach at low tide one day, we found the pools and puddles that Delia mentioned to us!  They were great fun!  We could walk wayyyy out into the water on sand bars that during high tide are completely submerged.  Often the little puddles can contain various small sea creatures, and they are super squishy — like quick sand!


L was hoping his “hello” sign in the sand would be readable to planes flying over! 🙂

We shared a couple of muffins at a little cafe, which turned into feeding crumbs to the “birds!” 🙂  Then it was playground time for the kids while Mike grabbed some cider from the drive-up liquor store (!) and sausages from the local butcher shop and grilled them for lunch. Yum!


Later on, the kids and I walked to the store to get pancake mix for dinner!  Shake it and bake (er…grill) it! 🙂

On our last night, we took a walk down by the Barwon Head Golf Club and then onto the 13th Beach to check out the waves!  They were huge!  We walked down one set of stairs and then along the beach to another set of stairs just as the tide was reaching up to the steps!!  Glad we had the alternate set of steps to use, or we would have been scaling sand dunes!  

On our way back, we stopped and took pictures of the difference between the low tide that we’d played on earlier in the day and high tide, which had completely covered all those areas!

low tide
high tide
low tide
high tide
low tide
high tide
low tide
high tide

We ended the night (and our beach stay) with hot chocolate and a game of Crazy Eights.

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  1. Don’t you wish you had spent the past six months here, in retrospect? No? Not even a little? It’s chilly, gray, with few signs of life beyond squirrels. If you ever feel homesick, we can send you OUR local pictures! Yours are heavenly.

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