Apollo Bay: Splashing Around

We thoroughly enjoyed and got used to beach life quickly.  But why rush outside when there are card houses to build and Kookaburra cookies to eat? 🙂

Even though the weather was a little overcast on a couple of mornings, the clouds would burn off by mid afternoon.  And the clouds certainly didn’t stop us from having fun splashing in and running away from the waves!

After a little while, G and L came up with a game where they would have their backs to the ocean, but bend over, so they could see the waves coming up behind them.  Sometimes they stood up in time…sometimes they didn’t… 🙂


There was nothing better than to watch them holding hands and having the best time splashing around!

There was a helicopter landing field behind our house, so we’d hear it landing and taking off every once in a while, but this time, we watched it go out over the ocean for a quick spin and then it came back in right over the top of us!  The pilot even gave us a wave! 🙂


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