Apollo Bay: Boogie Boarding!

After telling Andy (the Airbnb host) about the body surfing adventures, he offered to loan us some boogie boards.  The kids were super excited, so we headed to the beach, in the same spot the next day.  It was awesome!!!  The kids and I all successfully rode the waves!  

L and G contemplate their moves…

And then head out to give it a try!


I couldn’t resist trying, so here G and I are waiting for the right wave…

And here it is!

How’s that for synchronized boogie boarding!! 🙂

What do you do when your mom’s using your boogie board?  Dig a hole, of course!

Our last day at Apollo Bay Beach couldn’t have been better.  And what a better way to end the day than with more (yes more!) ice cream!!  Mike went with chocolate, G had the orange/chocolate, L had pancake again, and I had butterscotch.

What a great 5-day stay at Apollo Bay!!

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