Apollo Bay: Body Surfing

We decided to walk to the playground one morning as it was a bit overcast, but while we were there, the sun broke through, and it turned into a beautiful, blue sky afternoon!

The kids started to play with some other kids, while Mike and I started chatting with their parents.  They were spending the weekend in Apollo Bay but live in Melbourne. The kids were having a great time playing together, but it was getting to be lunch time, so we ended up getting take away fish and chips and having a picnic together near the playground.

After lunch, the kids played on the playground a bit more and then we decided to have a look at the beach just on the other side of the hill.  As we got to the top of a sandy hill, the view was AMAZING!  It was the actual Apollo Bay part of the beach!  It’s a little sheltered and had gently rolling waves coming in, so the kids had a blast swimming!

Because of the rolling waves, they decided to try body surfing and were semi successful except for getting sand everywhere — linings of suits and generally in places you don’t want sand.

In random news, Mike spotted the Mystery Machine parked along the street near the playground.

After all that work swimming and for a burst of energy to walk back to our house, we stopped for ice cream at Dooley’s. (Pancake for L, blueberry for G, honey malt for Mike, and cookies and cream for me).  They were all exceptionally good yet again — even the pancake was really good!  We survived the much slower walk home…it’s hard to walk fast when you’ve got sand in your pants…and enjoyed some beautiful views!

We ended the day with “Pirates of the Caribbean” (which the kids hadn’t seen yet) and popcorn. 🙂

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