Melbourne Medley

We actually left Melbourne on Wednesday, Feb. 22, for adventures in the bush (country) and on the beach (Great Ocean Road), but before posting entries on those adventures, here’s a medley of Melbourne pictures and prose from the last few days we spent there that we haven’t posted about yet. 🙂

While Mike and the kids went to an open skating session, I enjoyed a latte, my book, water…and a rainbow at a coffee shop near our apartment.
We walked past this sculpture countless times between our apartment and Acland Street in St. Kilda, and each time I loved to look at it. Is he just sitting down, just getting up, or just hanging out…
L making sure our Airbnb host’s cactus didn’t get too dry.
Trying our our new boomerang…not high quality…but authentic, or so the tag said. Mike got it to return, but we found out we have a right-handed boomerang! Who knew there were right- and left-handed ones!!
Walked over to another park, where L relaxed up in a tree…
…and G practiced her balance beam skills.
While G continued practicing gymnastics moves, Mike and L went to an open area to throw the boomerang around. Unfortunately, it found a tree. After much shaking and hoisting L up in the air, they retrieved it! 🙂
When your tablet has no battery left, but you still want to read, you figure out a way…even if it’s curled up next to the couch instead of on it! 🙂
Delia and Jeff had us for over for tea, along with some friends who’ve just moved back to Melbourne after 15+ years in Nice. They have two kids (one older than G and one younger than L) who were born in France, so they had fun together speaking a combination of French and English. We all enjoyed a nice afternoon chatting and playing.
On our way to a playground one day, we saw this little guy (Milo) run away from his owner. He was off leash and decided he’d take advantage of the freedom. After lots of running here and there, he decided to check out G, L, and me as we were crouched down (not chasing him!) and looked interesting, which was our plan! We were able to give him a pat and hold him until the owner got to us with his leash.
Delia recommended this playground to us, and the kids had a blast! It’s full of all sorts of climbing things, tunnels, etc. made of wood and lots of recycled stuff. Not your standard playground.

Saw these beautiful roses and the sunbeams as we walked home from the playground.
I love these delicate, very pale blue flowers, too. I don’t know what they are, though…
An Australian dinner! 😉 Smith’s Crisps, tomato sauce, Ginger Beer, Tim Tams, and sausage rolls!
A little beach ball catch on our balcony.
A gorgeous magnolia flower in Jeff and Delia’s garden!
One more cuddle with Leo the cat before we headed out for our adventures in the bush!

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