Valentine’s Day and Week!

Just down the street from our apartment is Jerry’s Milk Bar, which was recommended by both our Airbnb host and Jeff and Delia.  It opened in 1964 and is a fun little diner with tasty breakfasts, lunches, and milkshakes!

The kids and I did some Australian animal-themed Valentine drawings.


We spent Valentine’s Day at Scienceworks, with a majority of our time focused on the Think Ahead and the Sportsworks exhibitions, although I think we wandered into all the areas for a least a minute or two.

Started our day in the Test Lab, where there were all sorts of tools and gadgets for inventing, creating, and building whatever you want.

In the Think Ahead exhibit, we all got to choose which special features we’d add to our bodies, if it was possible, and then see how they worked for us by trying to hit targets.

L thinking hard about what special features he’d add to his body.

L chose a third arm (in the form of a trunk), rocket hands, and jet-propulsion legs!

G chose rocket hands, a bionic hearing device, and jet-propulsion legs!

Mike chose rocket hands, a bionic hearing device, and grasshopper legs!

Jody chose changeable hair, wings, and jet-propulsion legs!

Next, G and L designed some cool eco-friendly cars made of bamboo and solar panels.


Here’s L inside a space station that rotated, so it made it feel like you were really floating in space.

What if you really could teleport yourself?  This display made it almost seem possible…here she is…close the door…where’d she go?? 🙂

In the Sportsworks exhibition, we all tried out snowboarding, G did a little rock climbing, and G and L did a simulated wheelchair race.  There were also a bunch of areas to test strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, etc., as well as more sports things like shooting skills for netball, how fast you throw a baseball, etc.  Lots of fun!

Upstairs, there was model of Melbourne made out of Legos!  Quite impressive!

G and L pumped the pedals of this pianola to play a few old songs, while a little guy stopped to watch and listen.
Cool view of the huge, very high bridge we crossed to get to the museum.

Mike found yet another playground for us to try right around the corner from our place!

Helping L pull G up in the air.
L and G trying to equally balance their weight.
Everyone in motion!

L leaping off the swings…1-2-3!!

G practicing her balance beam routine.

Time for some static electricity shocks!  Slide down, run over to someone, and ZAP!

A beautiful evening for playing hearts on our balcony.

Took a long walk…but a nice walk…to a playground on the beach.

Another view of the steel giraffes in the background.

Time for some ice cream!!

Beautiful architecture and gardens all over the place.

I love the tiled courtyards in front of many of the houses.
The iron scroll work and stained glass is amazing!

A typical Federation-style house.

Stopped at the St. Kilda Twilight Market for a bite to eat on our way home.

A little popcorn and Blackjack to end the day! 🙂


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