St. Kilda Festival

On Sunday afternoon, we walked down to the St. Kilda Festival. It’s held each February and reminded us of a gigantic Grand Old Day!

Before checking out the music, we shared some Greek chicken pita sandwiches and fries.

As we walked by the main stage, we heard a little bit of Mitch King, who sounded pretty good.

This was a booth we thought covered all the food bases.

There was men’s beach volleyball and mixed netball going on down by the beach, despite the fierce wind!

We watched a bunch of kite surfers before making our way over to the Kid Zone.

At the Kid Zone, they were handing out iced coffee samples! Yummy!:) We heard a little bit of Little Feet Music singing about brushing your teeth. 🙂  While the music was a little young for G and L, the singer reminded us of one of our favorites from a few years back, Laurie Berkner.

As we were making our way around, G and L got to try to high-five the biggest gnomes we’ve ever seen and then pose for a picture!

At a field near the Kid Zone, there was a game of bubble soccer going on, so we decided to check it out.  It was available for all to try, so Mike and the kids did, and I stayed on the sidelines as the backpack holder and official photographer!


The two other bands we heard as we walked around were Wallflower, just for a second, and then a band up on their balcony.  They weren’t part of the official lineup, but they were great!

It was a group of five or six 60ish year olds, playing the keyboards, sax, drums, etc.! They had quite a big crowd gathered below their building.  We stood and listened to them do “Eight Days a Week” and “I’m All Shook Up.” G was a big fan of me singing along and trying to get her to dance with me…;)

It was a great afternoon followed by a fun evening getting together with Jeff, Delia, M, and T for dinner and an incredible ice-cream cake for dessert!

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