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New Grill and Kanga Bangas

Although our apartment has a great balcony/veranda, the AirBnb host just recently bought an electric grill, but she didn’t have time to put it together.  Mike and the kids offered to do it for her. 🙂  One of the first things we tried on it were Kanga Bangas!  Really!  L and Mike thought they were quite tasty. 🙂

All that was needed was a screwdriver…and deciding which one to use… 🙂

Vietnamese Food

The day we spent the afternoon at the pool, we were all super hungry afterwards.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a new food cuisine (similar to our Indian food experience in Glasgow!).  We decided to try out Quan 88, a Vietnamese restaurant recommended by our AirBnb host. It was another taste experience for G and L, who were big fans! We shared chicken satay sticks, chicken spring rolls, curry puffs, fried wontons, and coconut rice.  It was all very nice!


Back at our apartment, we had Lamington fingers for dessert — an Australian cake, made from squares of sponge cake coated in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut!

Enjoying our apartment veranda — Reading and knitting

Gymnastics and yoga

Coloring and inventing gadgets

Chinese jump roping

Eating mangos

Watching the sunset and the moon rise



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