Diving – Into the Pool

Last Thursday we spent the afternoon swimming and diving at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center.  It’s a HUGE facility with a 50 meter indoor competition pool, a 50 meter outdoor competition pool, a 25 meter lap pool, 14 diving springboards and platforms, a multipurpose pool, a wave pool, a water slide, and a spa, sauna, and steam room!

We spent the majority of our time in the wave pool, swimming laps, diving off the edge of one of the indoor pools, and using the water slide.

Waiting for the waves to start…

The waves are so strong they would knock you right over, which was super fun!

Time to try out the water slide! 🙂

Onto laps and diving! 🙂


We also got to watch a few girls practice their diving techniques — first on a trampoline near the pool and then on the platforms and springboards.  One of them was even using a harness as she was doing multiple flips in the air before hitting the water with hardly a splash!

A quick run through the water jets …

A little fruit yogurt … and we were on our way! 🙂

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