Cake Shops and Cupcake Stands

On Tuesday evening, we walked down to have cake from one of the famous cake shops on Acland Street.

Monarch Cakes opened in 1934 and is famous for their Chocolate Kugelhopf — made from yeast-pastry with real chocolate (not cocoa) swirled through it. It was DELICIOUS!

We walked down the rest of the street, taking pictures of the other cake shops. (The Acland Cake Shop, Le Bon Cake Shop, and Europa Cake Shop.)

On Wednesday, T invited G and L to help out at the cupcake stand he had planned for that afternoon.  G got to work immediately making a sign!

When we got to their house, Delia had most of the cupcakes baked, and the kids helped decorate them.  They made a few more signs and were ready for their stand.

They had a great location right by the entrance area of the primary (elementary) school — hoping to catch parents on their way in or with kids on the way out! It turned out to be quite windy, so the kids were doing double duty keeping their cupcakes, signs, and table from blowing away, while trying to make a few sales.

Unfortunately, sales were a bit slow, despite the efforts of the kids and the sweet crossing guard stationed there, who was very nice about pointing out the stand to people. The kids had a fun time anyway and had lots of leftovers to enjoy! 😉


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