Melbourne Zoo

We had a fabulous day at the Melbourne Zoo on Tuesday.  We took the tram and the train to it from our apartment, so it was a nice easy trip.

We actually entered from the railway side of the zoo, which is at the opposite end of the main entrance, so we sort of walked through from the back to the front, which was fine.  Pictures will be more fun than a wordy description of everything we saw…so here you go! 🙂

A giraffe eating his lunch and watching people.
Kids eating lunch and watching giraffes!


Grace looking for Australian birds…
She spots a black-billed spoonbill!
Here are two of them shaking off their feathers.
What are we looking at do you suppose…
A beautiful black swan!

It’s hard to see, but there’s a Tasmanian devil curled up in there!
Posing with a wombat sculpture.
Several kangaroos resting in the hot sun. The one standing had just hopped over to the group.
It’s a kookaburra! Do you know the song?
A ring-tailed lemur taking a nap.
Here are some more enjoying the shade.
This baby gorilla was busy playing with the adult gorilla that happens to be out of view from us behind the tree trunk.


Australian pelicans having a swim.
Watching the orangutan playing with a duvet cover…he’s hiding right now.
Although all you can see is a blur, there’s platypus having a grand time in this tank, swimming and diving!

It’s a great zoo with a really strong focus on fighting extinction with a strong emphasis on conservation. This was apparent throughout the zoo with lots of signage and fun, interactive displays that give the community ideas on how to help by donating mobile phones, labeling palm oil, etc.

This sign near the front of the zoo grounds says “Fighting Extinction.”

The campaign we were most amused by was related to saving trees by using recycled toilet paper.  This is of course done by using toilet paper made from recycled paper, NOT from actual recycled toilet paper. 🙂  One of the supporters of their campaign is a company called Who Gives A Crap.  In addition to making 100% forest friendly toilet paper, they do some great things with their profits.  We recognized the paper as it was the brand used in our apartment. 🙂

Have you ever seen a toilet paper roll sculpture this big?

There was even a maze where you chose your direction through the maze by deciding if you are a folder or a scruncher in terms of how you use toilet paper!  You make your way through learning about animal poo via a wombat character appearing on signs throughout. At the end, you can “flush” yourself down a giant toilet/slide!


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