Hats, Date Night, Bounce, Super Bowl, and Cake!

How’s that for a title?  Have I sparked your curiosity? 🙂

Last Saturday, we took a “little” walk to try to find some good beach shoes for L and Mike.

I love this picture. All three of them have their heads tilted the same way just by accident…like they’re doing a little walking dance! 🙂

We didn’t find any shoes, but ended up with hats for G, Mike, and me. (L already has a good beach hat. 🙂 )  Our “little” walk was a bit more than we bargained for as it was hot and took longer than we expected.  The kids did a great job chugging along, though, and we saw some other areas of Melbourne on our way.  On the way back, we stopped by a grocery store to pick up a 4-pack of ice-cream treats to eat on our way! 🙂

We noticed this sign only because we’d seen the panto “Dick Whittington” while we were in Inverness. Had we not seen the panto, the sign would have meant nothing to us! 🙂

Cool gate with lion head details.

That evening, Jeff and Delia kindly offered to have the kids over to swim, play, and eat dinner so Mike and I could have a date night!  They had a great time and were big fans of the sushi rice and falafel they had for dinner! 😉

G always ready to play with Leo the cat!

Per Jeff and Delia’s suggestion, we enjoyed several tapas and a couple of beers at Sons of Mary, a favorite of theirs in their neighborhood village.  (As it was sooo hot, Delia even gave us a ride! 🙂 )  I loved the “knitted” label on my cider! 🙂

We decided to try out another spot for dessert, so we walked down the street to Benson’s on Martin to share 2 kinds of homemade shortbread cookies — chocolate chip and raspberry — along with a vanilla latte for me. 😉

On Sunday, another really hot day, Delia and I took the kids to Bounce!  It’s an amazing trampoline park!  G and L love the ones we have at home, so they were excited about it anyway, but on the way there, T was telling them about the parcour (ninja warrior-like) course they have as well!  While it felt almost as hot inside and outside, the kids had a FABULOUS time, and Delia and I got to enjoy a coffee, watch them and just chat a bit.


That evening, we had a lovely time having drinks, snacks, and visiting with really nice neighbors of Jeff and Delia’s (Leon and Lisa), who love to travel and visit with other travelers. 🙂 Leon conducts bus tours around Victoria, Australia, and offered to get us some good maps and share some suggestions with us about places to go and see (outside Melbourne) while we’re here.

Monday while lounging about a bit, we realized that we could watch the Super Bowl live on TV, which was really fun.  When L realized it was on, he exclaimed, “Oh no!  We don’t have snacks!”  Unfortunately, we didn’t have our traditional menu of once-a-year-not-very-healthy snacks.  Typically, it’s the day where the kids get to choose a bunch of stuff to eat that normally isn’t found in our cupboards.  We made do with some tasty, cheesy quesadillas with chopped red peppers and red onions. 🙂

That afternoon, Delia had us and Leon over for cake and coffee to talk about places to go and things to see.  He gave us some wonderful ideas and great maps and shared some interesting stories and knowledge about Australia.  It was a really fun afternoon, and now we need to sort through it all to decide where to go and what to see…and how long we should stay!! 🙂

Delia made a fabulous chocolate cake that G decorated! 🙂


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