Beach Time and Pool Time

Last Friday, we enjoyed some beach time at St. Kilda Beach.

Walking down the boardwalk…

If it looks like we’re posing, we are. We realized Mike was taking a picture, so we all sort of froze midstep! 🙂

playing in the sand…

G and L playing catch with a little guy in front of them with his cricket gear.

G and L way out on the sand during low tide.and spotting critters in the low tide.

As we walked along, we also found a nice, shady playground to try.

That evening we had some pool time at Jeff and Delia’s! 🙂

I love this photo of L hovering above the pool just before hitting the water!


We borrowed hats and tried to stay in the shade as it was 96 and sunny!

G using a water shooter that T (Jeff and Delia’s son) made out of PVC pipe!
T and L shielding themselves from G!

After a super tasty pizza dinner, we had some scrumptious ice-cream treats.

A quick scratch under the chin for Leo the cat before we headed back to our apartment.

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