St. Kilda Beach, Pier, and Gelato

We stopped by the grocery store and picked up some chicken strips, some salty chips, and chocolate milk for a tasty lunch at St. Kilda Beach and a bit of people watching.

After lunch, the kids played on the beach as we walked toward St. Kilda Pier.

We walked out to the pier and read about the history of the building and looked for penguins (which we found!) as mentioned in an earlier post. 🙂

This photo of St. Kilda Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Little Penguin baby hiding under the step.

We stopped by 7Apples (recommended by Jeff and Delia) for some delicious gelato…and a game of sticks.  L lost the first match and won the second! 🙂

On our way…
L loses the match…note the facial expression!
One more try…L wins! We’ll have to stop by another day for a tie-breaker!


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  1. So which part of the world are you going to move to in retirement (or once the kids leave home) based on these travels??? I’d love to hear each person’s recommendation, with supporting rationale. Because it’s icy, cold, and not very pretty here right now, and I need a place to dream about.

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