Dijon, Dubai, Down Under, and Delia

After spending a delightful week in Dijon, France, we headed to back to Lyon to catch a flight to Dubai, where we caught another flight to the land Down Under!

(After our 6-hr flight to Dubai, we’re getting ready for our 10-hr flight to Perth!)

We landed first in Perth and then caught a third flight to Melbourne!  Our friend Delia picked us up at the airport and greeted us warmly, despite our tired and bedraggled appearance.

We are adjusting to the jet lag pretty well (after 36 hours of travel!) and will hopefully get caught up on the blog in the next few days!

Yesterday, it was hard to believe we are really in Australia!  Today we’ve seen little penguins, a rakali, and several cockatoos!  We are really here!! 🙂  Now to find some koalas and kangaroos!! 🙂

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2 Replies to “Dijon, Dubai, Down Under, and Delia

  1. How fun! So glad you made it and are already seeing wildlife. Now plan your eventual trip home to complete an around-the-world loop.

  2. Wow, you are really seeing the sights and living the dream! Minnesota will seeming boring for you after all the places you have been to and all the sights you have taken in! You aren’t missing much back here except the cold weather and bouts of ice and snow. Continue to have fun and enjoy! Missing you.

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