Walks and Aqueducts – Lyon

While in Lyon, we had some nice walks in the “woods” behind the apartment:

Another walk into the city center of Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon, a commune (town) in Lyon, where we found quaint streets, the sewing store of Cecile’s friend, and some fabulous doorknockers:


On another walk, we went through Francheville, another commune in Lyon, past some cool buildings and ruins of an old chateau…


and then through some more woods to the Aqueduc du Gier, which was amazing!




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  1. It’s funny that you will know more about Lyon than me now. It must be true that when you live somewhere, you do not visit ! I want to go se the aqueduc better next time, more than just driving by it and thinking it’s normal to drive by a more-than-2000 year old aqueduc 😉

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