Lounging in Lyon

We arrived in Lyon around 8pm and maneuvered our way (thanks to great instructions from our friend Cécile!) from one train station to another train station to a bus to our apartment.  Cécile’s mom, who lives in Lyon, was visiting Cécile and her family in Minnesota, so she graciously offered to have us stay in her apartment while she was gone.  It worked out great, and we were so, so appreciative!

When we got off the bus at the apartment, it was snowing “snow-globe” snow!  It was beautiful!  There were lots people out on their balconies taking pictures of it, while L was trying to catch flakes on his tongue! 🙂

Thankfully, Cécile’s mom had a pizza in the freezer (which we replaced) as we were all starving and tired. So a quick bite to eat and off to bed. 🙂

Below close up picture: Note L’s true “Alfalfa” hat hair!

The next day we decided to just lounge about as it had been a long travel day.  We enjoyed the snow, I hemmed a pair of pants for L, and we walked down to a store that was a pet store, grocery store, garden store, and home store all in one!  The kids had fun looking at the fish, birds, rats, mice, hamsters, bunnies, etc., and coming up with names for their (unapproved, not guaranteed) pets.


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