New Friends and Fun in Fort Augustus

As I mentioned in a previous post, we met a lovely family (from Scotland who live near Airth Castle!) at The Highland Club, who happened to have a boy, Ai–, (a year older than G) and a girl, Ab–, (a year older than L) and their apartment was right up the stairs from us!

We all hit it off right away and enjoyed a fun evening together playing Pictionary and watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Later the next day, we met up with Richard, Katie, and the kids again and while the grownups hung out and visited, the kids played pool, table tennis, chess, and giant Jenga blocks.  The giant Jenga blocks were also quite fun for making towers and stairs as well!

On New Year’s Eve day, G and Ab– had fun coloring in some of those super detailed coloring books and listening to music and making up dances (total girl stuff), while Ai– and L enjoyed playing a bit of table tennis.  Richard and Katie invited G and L to hang out with them for a bit, so Mike and I could have a drink, which was so nice!  Realizing that we probably haven’t had that kind of opportunity during our adventure, it was very thoughtful!  G was more than happy to continue hanging out with her new friends, while L (not surprisingly) wanted to stick with us.  We told him he’d have to walk 10 paces behind us and not talk, so we could pretend we were on a date! 😉  We enjoyed a nice walk and then a drink at a local B&B, while G went on a walk with Richard, Katie, Ai– and Ab–.

<<Lots of rain resulted in a puddle with a small bridge made of a tree root! Super hard for a 9-year old boy to resist!!>>

<<Small church on the edge of The Highland Club property and it’s manger scene.>>

<<A campground with sheep grazing high up on the hill.>>

<<Cozy sitting areas at the Lovat Arms Hotel, which is just up the hill from The Highland Club.>>

<<Had a friendly bartender and tasty drinks at The Richmond House — hot chocolate with lots of creme and marshmallows for L, a Blacks for Mike, and a mulled wine for Jody!>>

When we got back, the kids were ready to start a game of “Say It Don’t Spray It,” (possibly called Speak Out in the U.S.) which L was interested in playing, too. Basically, you have to put a mouthpiece in which makes talking really hard and then recite phrases while your partner tries to figure out what you’re saying!  Following that, we played a game of Clue (which is Cluedo in the U.K.).

We decided we’d all better have a bit of a rest and some dinner and then meet up again for the New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay) celebration!

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  1. After noting that Scotland celebrates New Year’s for THREE whopping days, then seeing images in my inbox via Getty Images of insane partying norsemen on Hogmanay, I’m really excited to see your next post! Doesn’t Mike owe us one too from a certain tour he did?? The “10-paces behind and not talk” is hilarious. I recall insisting going with my parents for dinner on their 30th (?) wedding anniversary. It looks so different in retrospect. Looks like you are missing home terribly. Cheers!

  2. Hi. Hope you are all well and still having fun in Fort Augustus. Love the photos. Looking forward to reading about your latest adventures. Back to work and school for the kids and I today :-(. Keep in touch!

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