Best 9th Birthday!

We were pretty sure The Highland Club was going to be great, but it’s even better than we imagined and absolutely the perfect place for L to celebrate his 9th birthday!!

We began the day by giving him a card listing all the options for fun things to do on his day.  Other than tennis (because it was just a bit too cold and windy), we did them all!!

First up…a little table tennis (ping pong)… 


followed by a game of giant chess!


Next, we walked over to The Boathouse (on the grounds of The Highland Club and on the shore of Loch Ness) for some lunch.

We sat at a table right next to a window that looked right out onto the Loch, so we watched the Loch Ness cruise boats go in and out.  For dessert, L chose a piece of carrot cake, which they served with a candle in it (as Mike mentioned that it was for L’s birthday). 🙂  

After lunch, there were more games to play — foosball and pool!


That evening, the kids and I watched the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (the 5th Harry Potter movie), while Mike went to the whiskey tasting event.  (He’ll post about that later. 🙂  )  L was super excited because he hadn’t seen it yet, and now he was going to get to on his birthday!


During the movie, we heated up the apple strudel that Leo picked for a birthday dessert, along with some strawberry ice cream.

A great birthday celebration from start to finish!

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  1. Oh Jody and Mike!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!! You two are so awesome and we so love your blog. It brightens our days, gives us things to talk about, and we cherish the pictures and the history you share. Thank you so much. It was wonderful to be with your family over Christmas…..Mom and Dad, Sadie, Jill, Steve, C and C and Mark and Kari and M and H. It was wonderful. Love you all so much.

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