O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We arrived in Inverness, Scotland, yesterday afternoon and when we walked into our apartment, we found this:

The kids were so excited! They immediately went to work making ornaments! 🙂
During dinner, we could see a tree outside with lights, which was nice, but when we walked outside after dinner, we saw and HEARD this:
A stand-alone Christmas tree with musically choreographed lights!

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3 Replies to “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

  1. So Special! so wonderful!!! Happy Happy Birthday dear Jody!
    Merry Christmas to each one of you, Mike, Jody, G and L.
    We love you and send hugs. Enjoy Scotland, where Grampa Leo’s family came from

  2. Was that Leo who is running around as part of the choreography? While Grace playing the standalone part? Looks like you’re having a wonderful time-enjoy!

    BTW: My desserts haven’t expanded much beyond Kathleen’s bars. Enjoy the yumminess at every stop!

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