Ridiculously Good Whisky (no ‘e’)

Mike back on the blog.  Yes, I’ve missed you too.

I’m an “experience” person, not a “stuff” person.  Of all the places I’ve traveled in the past 20+ years I think the only thing I’ve ever bought for myself is a New Zealand All Blacks Rugby shirt.  I did get in the habit of buying super ugly magnets for both of my Grandmas from almost everywhere, but nothing for me.  (Note: I still had both Grandmas until 2005 and my 98-year-old Grandma Zech still has a refrigerator door FULL of magnets…and she still likes to get them…and then complain about how many she has.)

So, I’ve established that I don’t buy souvenirs but, while we were in Edinburgh and the rest of the family was waiting for food at a nearby pub, I quickly ran in to Cadenheads and got a small Islay 1842 cask-strength bottle.  It was reasonably priced (I’m a cheapskate) and bottled just for me.

Here’s a link to a great article about the shop and the whisky:

With just a wee bit of water, as suggested, it’s super tasty – kind of a combo of Laphroaig and Ardbeg, but with a very smooth, smoky finish (not eye-crossing).  And at over 57% alcohol, it’ll last at least through our trip in the UK.  I’m sure I won’t be able to bring it on a plane, and I ONLY allow us to have carry-ons (more about that in a later post, I’m sure), so I’ll HAVE to drink it.
In short, life is grand.

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  1. Hahahahahaaaaa! Well, I buy Christmas ornaments when traveling, so our tree is full of weird stuff like bison carvings and wooden Geisha shoes. The bottle would be a lifetime supply for me! Glad it found you. Cheers.

  2. Mike, Life definitely doesn’t get any better then what you and your family are doing together and all the wonderful adventures and sights you are taking in and experiencing. Continue having fun and enjoying. Thanks for sharing on this blog.

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