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While looking at what sorts of things were in Wendover, I was excited to see that it has a sewing shop (The Plainstitch Shop/Workroom)!  G and I finally got a chance to check it out yesterday morning.  It’s a darling little shop in the upstairs of one of the buildings. To access it, you need to ring and they come down and let you in and lead you up to it.


It’s essentially the size of two bedrooms.  One side has a nice area for doing classes and the other side has a small, but lovely selection of fabrics and notions.

shop-720x500 bucks-sewing-room

There was a class going on while we were there; they were making a cute little vintage purse.  Unfortunately there’s not another one offered while we’re here, but fortunately, we could buy a kit and instructions…


Wait, what does this have to do with Wendover Woods, you might be asking. 🙂  Well, nothing other than that G and I stopped there while Mike and L ran to grab a map, so we could find the woods! 🙂

Unfortunately, the location map wasn’t available, but we had a general idea of where we needed to go, so we headed to the woods!  We found a trail near the woods and soon after some runners heading up a trail into the woods, so we followed them. 🙂  We found out later that the runners were part of the Centurian running race that was going on in the woods.  It was a 50-mile foot race consisting of 5 10-mile loops!!!  The hill we walked up to get to the middle of the woods was steep and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to run it once, let alone 5 times!!  Impressive!!


Anyway, we followed one of the paths to an area called Go Ape, which just appears out of nowhere and is a great treetop obstacle course, but you have to be older than 10 and a certain height — two requirements that L didn’t meet — so we kept going.  Along the way, there were signs to invite kids to read about nature and do a little nature activity.  This one was weaving with nature.  There were a bunch of ropes and kids/people come by and add something to it.  G added a leaf, and L added a bit of moss.


A little further down the path, we came to the Cafe in the Woods (a great little spot for a quick bite and a beverage) and a terrific children’s playground!!  G and L LOVED it! And we had fun watching them have so much fun.  I particularly loved the rustic harp!!

img_20161126_142811 img_20161126_131702

Kids in the woods, out in nature…what can be better?  It’s like their imaginations and energy just explode!  They had a great time (at least an hour) playing on all the stuff, doing obstacle courses, and putting together a fort, for which they were beginning to make plans for how and where they could sleep in it, what platforms they were going to construct, etc.

img_20161126_131545 img_20161126_133022 img_20161126_133046 img_20161126_133456 img_20161126_133559 img_20161126_134357 img_20161126_135429 img_20161126_135619 img_20161126_140308 img_20161126_140647  img_20161126_141359img_20161126_140941

We had to inform them, sadly, that they weren’t actually going to be able to sleep/live in it, or we would have been there for several more hours bringing it to their approved standards! 🙂 Even if we could have stayed for another 3 hours, I don’t think it would have been long enough, but as the sun kept sinking lower into the horizon, we decided it would be a good idea to head back rather than walk through the woods in the dark!

For fun, we ended our super, wonderful, not bad, very good day by eating popcorn and watching “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” 🙂

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  1. Dear God I love your Blogs so much. I just can’t wait to read them! I read them not once, not twice but over and over and I want everyone I know to read them. I so want my children to read them. Jody, you and Mike are absolutely amazing. Loved the life of Roald Dahl and now today the walk in the woods. I hope this will become a book, I can continue to read as I evolve into the third stage of my life. It is such a gift what you are sharing and love and smiles are so engaging. Thank you. Always always in my thoughts and prayers..love and hugs

  2. Oooh. This might be my favorite day so far… It’s raining here and feels very fall-like. I’m wondering how it feels to you all to be in English language areas again? Is Mike getting his social itch scratched now that he can talk? Are G and L looking forward to getting back to French? Are you going to open a sewing shop when you get home based on the cool ones you’re finding abroad? Enjoy!

  3. Wow, love hearing about all your latest adventures! Grace and Leo are getting more of an education then they could ever get in a school setting. Love all the creative things you do also. Everything is fine here, talked to Sharon and Jim after Church on Saturday night. You do a fantastic job on this blog and keeping us informed. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Rose and Bill

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