Happy Thanksgiving

As you know, Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated over here. 🙂  It’s just a normal day…kids in school…people at work…regular-size meals provided…so we made our own special day. 🙂

We started out at the market…



…and then went for a lovely walk through part of the Chiltern Hills following footpath signs through fields and woods (with trees ready for winter) and cow pastures, etc.,for more than 2 hours!


img_20161124_125045  img_20161124_124531


img_20161124_124802img_20161124_125739 img_20161124_135133

Afterward, we decided a snack was in order, so we stopped at a chocolaterie in Wendover called Rumsey’s.  We had planned on hot chocolate and coffees, but opted for fruit and chocolate fondue instead! 🙂

img_20161124_143432-2 img_20161124_143228

We roamed around town for a bit, and then we headed back to get our Thanksgiving dinner heated up. 🙂  Despite not being able to enjoy the traditional fixings and gourmet feasts provided by Papa (and other family members), it ended up being tastier than we’d expected! (And L even made special plum and spaghetti turkey favors, as those were the supplies we had on hand!)

img_20161124_172059 img_20161124_172257 img_20161124_172218 img_20161124_172148

To all of our family and friends, we think of you often and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you! What a fun day when everyone else was at work and school. You’ll know every walking path east of the Atlantic pretty soon 🙂

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