Saving money with style

After shopping for haircuts for Mike and L (on Halloween, actually), we finally decided to purchase a clipper instead and let me try it out. YIKES!  Mike was a willing first victim…I mean client.  G was the receptionist and took her role very seriously, checking in the client, having him fill out paperwork, and getting the “tools” situated on the balcony table.


Having never used a clipper before and my only training being a 2-minute YouTube video, I was a bit nervous about the end result.  Luckily, Mike was of the “it’s just hair; it’ll grow back” attitude.  He just kept saying to cut it as I used the longest settings and slowly made them shorter and shorter.  In the end, we decided it turned out pretty well for a first-time try!  




img_20161031_155747 img_20161031_161227


img_20161031_163011 img_20161031_162935

L was next and after hearing Mike talking about “just cut it” and “it’ll grow back,” he opted to have me cut his as well.  He wasn’t quite ready to have Mike just take a #2 and go round his head.  The kid has a little style, and didn’t want to shave it all off. 🙂  Having practiced on Mike, I was a little more comfortable, but I was still quite slow about it, which cost me some points with my client.  As a result, Mike stepped in and helped out a bit to move things along. Again, we decided it was a pretty nice cut considering the lack of experience of the stylist!


img_20161031_163234 img_20161031_163228


img_20161031_163343 img_20161031_164242


img_20161031_165723 img_20161031_165718

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4 Replies to “Saving money with style

  1. Excellent first effort, Jody!did you say “oops”? Dad used to do that to Mike all the time – the change in his disposition was so clear! But let me get clarification on one thing: did you decide to do haircuts by yourself as a part of the adventure or because Mike’s French is so bad that he wouldn’t know how to provide instruction to the barber? I mean, the results could’ve been highlights or something!

  2. Looking good! You’ll have to make a YouTube video I can follow when my boys start demanding something other than a #2 all the way around.

  3. I’ve been doing this for a while now but my first attempts didn’t inspire confidence when I would painstakingly unfold the “how to” pamphlet that came with the clippers. I can now practically give them a haircut in my sleep-which is often when it occurs to Andrew (10 pm) that he needs a trim! Think of the $$$ and time you saved. Also its hard to see a mistake if they’re constantly moving…just tell Leo not to stay still long enough for anyone to analyze his “do”. Looks Great!

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