It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it was a dark and quiet Halloween night in Annecy.  Daylight savings ended here on Saturday evening, so it’s already dark by 6 pm now.  As for trick or treating, one of the girls that G met in her sewing class said they go trick or treating in her neighborhood…but we didn’t know exactly where that was.  We saw people buying bags of candy (nothing like the ginormous Costco bags) at the supermarket, and G overheard a mom and son talking about what they should get to hand out to the kids, so they must trick or treat in that neighborhood, too.  


We decided to take a walk around 7 pm to see what we could see (and pick up a pizza!).  We saw 2 white flashlights and a green flashlight pass by on the other side of some bushes, so we weren’t sure if there were costumes involved or not.  A moment later, we saw a guy running down the next street with a pumpkin bag, most likely used for candy and dropped by a child somewhere.  Walking up the sidewalk to the pizza place, we saw two very small children — one in a Darth Vader costume and one in a simple Frankenstein mask.  


I guess we would have been okay to go out with just our masks, too, except for the part about not knowing where to go.  As many of the neighborhoods are made up of more apartment building than houses, you can’t just go door to door.  

Finally, on the way back home, at the corner of our street, we saw a whole group of kids in costumes and their parents, much like you’d see in our neighborhood in St. Paul.  We couldn’t tell where they’d come from or where they were going, but I did hear them as they knocked on a house that happens to sit at the end of our street.  The kids said, “Bonjour,” to which the man responded, “Voulez-vous des bonbon?”  As that was our only interaction with trick or treaters, I’m not sure if this is the typical conversation or if there is a French version of trick or treat…a mystery yet to be solved…

Knowing that we weren’t going to be doing our usual Halloween routine — pumpkin-shaped pizza, costume prep/wearing, neighborhood trick or treating, bonfire, visiting with friends, candy sorting, etc. — we told the kids we’d still have a fun evening with pizza, candy, soda and movies (“The Goonies” and “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”).

img_20161101_095559  wallaceandgromit

Leading up to Halloween, we had fun making our masks and a bunch of Halloween finger puppets that G and L used to put on a play for us.  While it wasn’t our usual Halloween routine, we still had a fun evening (and have less candy to have to deal with!) 🙂


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3 Replies to “It was a dark and stormy night…

  1. Sounds like a delightful celebration guys! Your masks look cool. Would have been a nice cultural exchange to dress as the Statue of Liberty! Ha. If you’re still there next year we’ll send a crown.

  2. Although everyone had to sacrifice the traditions of Halloween, at least you’re not having to deal with the scariness of the election topics. G and L could care less, so they’ll have to give one for the parents.

    As for your movie choices,let me just say two things. One, the goonies is the favorite at blood drives, I think simply because everybody seen it so many times that it’s easy to drift in and out of it. And, Wallace and Gromit, just love them. Check Netflix as I believe they just released a new story about these two.

  3. Halloween definitely seemed different around here without your annual bonfire in the front yard and not having G and L come by in costume. It looks like you found fun and memorable things to do. Despite the gloomy weather here and the Vikings playing football on Halloween, we still had 165 kiddos here and had to turn off our lights before 8 because we ran out of candy. Ashley did buy some candy and gave out a little, but didn’t go all out. Was wondering what is being said, if anything, where you are about our upcoming election? Will sure be glad when it’s over and you aren’t missing anything as far as that goes! Lol Continue to enjoy your experiences and making wonderful memories. We enjoy hearing about all of them! Sending hugs, Rose and Bill

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