Rain and sun and fun

This week in Annecy started out very rainy and then got less and less rainy and and more and more sunny and nice toward middle to the end of the week.  It didn’t stop us for going here and there and exploring this and that. 


As kids are still enjoying their fall break (La Toussant), there was another sewing class available for G, but this one was Tuesday through Friday afternoon!  She was super excited about having it each day.  She met four new girls and came home every day with a completed project!  🙂

(Neck warmer, headband, wrist warmers, and fun brooches.)

img_20161026_165552 img_20161026_165545  img_20161028_205948img_20161029_233116

So, while G was busy having fun at her sewing class, Mike, L, and I had fun exploring the city each day.

On Tuesday, Mike and L went for a walk and discovered some new walking paths, a cool old dock, and another playground.

img_20161025_155352 img_20161025_155842 img_20161025_155203

On Wednesday, L and I went roaming around together:  1.We stopped at a bakery on the way for a boost of energy — panini avec Nutella! 2.I loved the bag on this bike!  3.The Christmas decorations are up and ready to go! 4.Mums and fall plants have replaced the summertime flowers along the canals. 5.A water street with steps leading right into the canal. 6.Taking a break on a barrier post.  7. L spotted a leaf bug! 8.Fall foliage on the canal with the Pont d’Amour and the lake in the far background.  9.The carousel with fall leaves behind it.

1. img_20161026_150034 2.img_20161026_150959 3.img_20161026_152315                4. img_20161026_155114 5.img_20161026_155535 6.img_20161026_161653              7. img_20161026_154458 8.img_20161026_160724 9.img_20161026_160736

On Thursday during class, Mike, L, and I walked to the Basilica of the Visitation — a huge church up on the hill overlooking Annecy. I thought it just looked big because it’s up on the hill, but it is, in fact, a huge church! Stained glass windows inside recount the life of St. François de Sales and Jeanne de Chantal. It also houses a community of Visitation nuns.

img_20161027_161644 img_20161027_161643  img_20161027_161555 img_20161027_161744 img_20161027_161551

On our way to pick G up, we were herded across the street so as not to get in the way of something being filmed in front of one of our favorite boulangeries — Boulangerie Rouge!


After picking G up from class, we stopped for ice cream, avec chantilly, of course!  Mike tried a flavor we weren’t familiar with called Spéculoos.  It was a cinnamon tasting ice cream that’s based on a cookie by the same name.  I thought it tasted like Christmas or cinnamon graham crackers!  It was delicious!  


Friday morning, Mike, L, and G went skating for a couple of hours before G’s last sewing class.  L perfected his crossovers while skating backward, and G met a girl her age. 


They exchanged email addresses, so they can be “penpals.”

img_20161028_133541 img_20161028_133754

After skating, Mike and L went on a long hike and found some more beautiful trails.

img_20161028_150109 img_20161028_141209 img_20161028_141133 img_20161028_140304 img_20161028_140221 img_20161028_145358

Today we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day by going to the market, roaming around the flea market, finding new trails and showing G ones we found earlier in the week, playing at playgrounds, including one where a couple of kids were practicing parkour, and running into Mr. Bean out for a ride!!

Our favorite rotisserie chicken and potatoes at the market./L showing G the old bridge.

img_20161029_112908 img_20161029_144220

More fun exploring the paths by the river.

img_20161029_144946  img_20161029_144749

New playgrounds for climbing and spinning. (The parkour guys moved to fast to get pictures!)

img_20161029_145831 img_20161029_150102 img_20161029_152854

And finally, it’s Mr. Bean!


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