The Chamonix Wine Incident of 2016

Yes readers, It’s Mike here and I’m finally back to post.  Jody has been giving a great set of reports, but now it’s my turn.  Let me add some not-so-fun missing pieces from our long weekend in Chamonix.

We’ve been staying in AirBnB’s in Annecy and usually when we take weekend getaway trips.  If you’ve never used it before and you’re interested, use this AirBnB link and we’ll all benefit: .

Our place in Chamonix was a very nice, small, comfortable apartment with a cool Murphy bed in a fantastic location.  It had clearly been recently updated and, according to the 20-something female owner, cost over $220K for about 320 sq. feet (I did the conversions for you).  She both lives there and rents it out as much as possible to help pay for it.  Chamonix is an awesome place, so I understand, but that’s a lotta dough.

On the second night of our stay, I was opening a bottle of wine (which we do every other night – it’s cultural, don’t judge us).  I somehow pushed a wine bottle cork INTO a fancy $3.40 new bottle of Merlot, spraying the dark purple stuff all over me, the kitchen walls and cupboards, and the kitchen ceiling. Yes, I’m very talented that way.  I was standing over the sink, wine dripping off my face, shirt soaked with wine, and unable to see because there was wine in my eyes.

My VERY astute wife mentioned “Mike, there’s wine all over!”  I replied “No kidding.” (Or something to that effect – I may be paraphrasing here for our younger readers.)

These photos are just a small part the the ceiling that was a mess, but they are illustrative enough, I think.

img_20161014_185308  img_20161014_185844

We immediately cleaned everything we could (including me), but the ceiling had very obvious stains. I texted the owner and sent a few photos of the purple splotches on the ceiling. She was very calm, suggested some ways to get it clean, and just asked us to do the best we could to handle the situation.  Her reaction was impressive.  We found out later she was visiting a gravely ill friend in the hospital at the time, and for the next several days.  I felt JUST GREAT!

Anyway, in case you are wondering, I did get it cleaned up.  I first used vinegar on a sponge to scrub, mostly because that’s what we had in the apartment and Google said it would work.  It didn’t.  So, the second day I followed by using a weak bleach solution to clean and rinse and clean and rinse until the stains were gone…or gone enough that you didn’t notice anything unless you stood on the step stool and REALLY looked hard.

img_20161015_165754 img_20161015_165430

The owner was happy and gave us good reviews as renters.  We had a great time in Chamonix.  And today I can finally say my neck is no longer sore from having to look up to clean the ceiling.

Thus ends the Chamonix Wine Incident of 2016.

Again, our AirBnB link is – sign up today, book a place, and we’ll all get some credit!

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4 Replies to “The Chamonix Wine Incident of 2016

  1. 1. So where exactly was the Murphy Bed located to make it a fantastic location?
    2. What? Wine not beer? Beer doesn’t come with a cork.
    3. However, when in France …..
    4. Where were G & L when all the excitement was happening?
    5. Oh, under the Murphy Bed in the great location.
    6. Fortunately, you had an understanding renter.

    1. 1. I have a degree in Mathematics.
      2. Again, it’s cultural. Don’t judge me. In Germany, I eat bratwurst and drink beer. In France, I drink wine with my bratwurst.
      3. Oui
      4. They were reading in the “other room” – which was the same room, but 5 or 6 feet away.
      5. Point taken…
      6. Yes – she was great.

  2. Hahhahahahahahahaahaaaaaaa! I have a friend who attended a writing retreat in Chamonix for 3 months. It was a) expensive, b) mind-bogglingly lovely, and c) also involved a lot of wine. Something about that place!

  3. What an epic tale. I was riveted! Might I suggest submitting this writing to Reader’s Digest to be published in the “Drama in Real Life” section (do they still have that… there still a Reader’s Digest?) for which you can earn up to USD100 which could start the nest egg for your own place in Chamonix. I might as well take the aluminum cans in for recycling to start my nest egg for my plane ticket to come and visit you. Great times you share, what a great place. What adventure! What fun! I cannot believe I am living vicariously through an almost 50 year old…… Ughhhh

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