Fall and La Toussaint

My img_20161017_153654-2favorite season in Minnesota is fall!  I love the crisp air and beautiful leaves, and we have all that in Annecy right now, too! 🙂  In addition, while it’s MEA in Minnesota, yesterday began the start of “Les Vacances de La Toussaint” here, which ends on November 2.   It’s the first school break of the year and includes November 1 (All Saint’s Day), which is one of 11 holidays recognized in France.  

We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going to the market in the old city, getting outside to play hacky sack (a very portable game when you have limited space), looking at leaves, exploring new neighborhoods, and finding new playgrounds! So far, we haven’t seen any candy corn, though.  C’est dommage.

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  1. Try “petits pois and lardons”, they taste a lot like candy corn. I mean the candy variety, not peas and bacon, of course 😉
    Chiara is talking now: :} :] 🙂 😀 d:

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