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A couple weeks ago, G and I noticed some signs and flags advertising and events called “High Five” and “Big Air.”  We did a little investigating and found out that High Five is a ski film festival with more than 45 ski films (including documentaries, short films, road movies, feature films, and new web episodes) over the three days.  Big Air is an international free-style ski jump competition festival held in the middle of the Place des Romains, just a few blocks from us that uses a metal structure 42 meters high with an elevator to get the skiers to the top!  


The events were this past weekend, and we could see the ski jump structure from our apartment window!  We also got a kick out of listening to the announcer. (He was very excited about things and got the crowd going!)  On Saturday morning, in addition to the struction, we actually could see the skiers jumping.  Even though they were quite tiny from our vantage point, it was still super cool!  We decided to get a better look, so we headed over in the evening to check out the finals in person.  Amazing freestyle stuff!  While we know nothing about the sport of freestyle skiing, it was fun to watch and another cool experience!

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Afterward, we wandered around the old city, hoping to get ice cream at our favorite spot — Glacier Perrière.  Unfortunately for us, it was closed.  Just around the corner, though we spotted the golden glow of a yellow awning  — Glacier des Alpes — and it was open!  We hadn’t been there before, so we decided to give it a try.  We love the scoop of “la crème chantilly” (whipped cream) you get on top of your ice cream at Glacier Perrière — soooo good — and were happy to find out that Glacier des Alpes tops your scoop with a little extra something, too, a taste scoop!  (We noted right away that it was similar to an “Izzy”!  For those unfamiliar with St. Paul’s Izzy’s Ice Cream, they are known for great ice cream and the Izzy Scoop®!)

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  1. Eeeek! Add that to the sporting events I will never compete in. But how fun to watch! Great timing and location, guys. Once again your planning has paid off.

  2. Hi all! It appears that G and L were photo bombed by a little girl in a pale pink coat (Heard lei o lei o lei he ho). I was starting to doubt any little children never came out to play – glad to be wrong!

    When this is all over, consider writing a travel guide based on excellent ice cream spots. Good for both adults and children alike!

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