Recess with giant children and fire trucks!

The other day during recess, we were walking through a big park that used to be a stud farm (built around 1880) with gorgeous buildings and wide open spaces.  Now it’s used for various cultural events throughout the year, including a circus next week!  Anyway, we followed the path to a little space off to the side in the grass, where three giant children marionettes made of wicker looked as though they were playing a game of soccer (football).  


The sign nearby said, “Trois Enfants Jouent, Oui” (three children playing, yes).  They are the creation of an artist named BeNoît Mousserion.  We had fun taking pictures next to them…

img_20160928_092247 img_20160928_094142

and pretending to be the soccer balls! 🙂  

img_20160928_094221 img_20160928_094255

They are huge as you can see!

img_20160928_094332 img_20160928_092342

Today we had recess down by the lake again.  🙂  Nothing better than a recess full of soccer, gaga ball (with no walls), and French skipping (a.k.a. Chinese jump rope or elastics), except when three firetrucks show up!  We could tell right away that there wasn’t any kind of emergency, so we just stood and watched for a while, along with plenty of others who were walking through the park.


When a bench became available a little closer to the action, we moved up.  The firefighters (“sapeurs-pompiers”) were busy unloading hoses and spraying water into the lake.  There were quite a few people who were stopping to talk to them, so we decided to see if we could get a picture.  G asked in French, and the fire fighter we asked responded with a friendly, “Oui, bien sur!” (Yes, of course!)  He led us to the rig, opened the door, and let the kids climb up.  Then he had them follow him over to the other side and had L hold the hose with the water shooting into the lake.




C’etait super!

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  1. Did you buy a French firefighter calendar? Or take photos to make your own? 😛 You have found a cozy little town. Not totally unlike Small Paul–? Although way more scenic!! I’m curious, have you found popcorn at any of these events? When Matt lived in Spain, popcorn was quite exotic when he introduced it to his host family.

  2. When I was young, no one had to fill up the lakes in France. They were filled for free, by the rain. The rain! Can you imagine. Then the Wicker Children came, and the army was helpless in their wake…

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