Sunday at Lake Annecy

As we missed the stand up paddle (SUP) board race on Saturday morning, we made sure to get going on Sunday.  The morning was just perfect!  The water was sparkling in the sun and the temperature was mild.  


We got to watch a 6km technical race with at least 100 participants! They started at 10:30am with the first place person completing the race right around 12:30pm!  They just kept going!!  6km is a lot of paddle boarding!  The course had the participants zigzagging in and out and at one point of the course, they had to get out of the water, grab their boards and run across a small peninsula and then jump back in the water to complete the course.  There were lots of people cheering and taking pictures.  It really was fun to watch!  (Here are some pictures that I took…Mike will post his pictures soon… 🙂 )

img_20160925_033526_4 img_20160925_033608

ABOVE:  Guys heading out of the water from one side of the course and then back into the water to the other side.

BELOW:  This guy is doing a “pop-a-wheelie” with his board to make a tight turn around the marker!

img_20160925_034148 img_20160925_034224 img_20160925_034619 

Later in the afternoon, we headed back to the lake…this time with our swimming suits. Well, some of us had swimming suits.  One of us forgot to pack a suit, so went with the athletic wear instead…We decided we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and seize the opportunity for swimming and time in the lake before it cools off too much.  

Some of the sponsors of the race had SUP boards that anyone could try, so the kids and I tried out one of the big (catamaran-like) boards.  They take a little getting used to, as you have to worry about balancing yourself and reacting to the movements of at least two other people…including some who didn’t care if they fell in…

img_20160925_082935 img_20160925_083011

In addition to lots of swimmers, sunbathers, sandcastle makers, and SUP boarders, there was a guy biking around selling coffee, etc.  It was a cool setup, so G ran and snapped a picture. 🙂  I think this would be lovely around Como Lake!! 🙂 


We ended the evening by making a batch of riz au lait (rice pudding).  C’etait parfait! 🙂

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful and your posts so interesting! What a wonderful experience for all of you. It still seems strange not seeing Grace and Leo out on their wheels around here, but we have gotten to see more of Ashley with her living right next door. Even had her over for supper twice now. I was so excited yesterday because Bill and I found a little table and 2 chairs for our backyard for free by a house over on the other side of the lake when we were coming home from Menard’s. It fits just right by our patio door coming out from our porch on the new paver stones Bill put down and the price was right! Hi to all and keep enjoying your time. Sending Hugs!

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