What we’ve been up to…

Activities in Annecy.  Despite the rainy weekend, we walked down to Le Pâquier on Sunday afternoon to watch Color’Annecy — a 5km color race.  Surprisingly low key in terms of barriers and security compared to at home.  Fun music and a very family-friendly race.  Lots of kids, costumes, wigs, and even a drum corp!

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Playing games.  One of my favorite card games is Hearts, so I thought it would be fun to teach the kids to play.  Mike isn’t a big board game/card game playing guy, and he describes Hearts as a game “where you try to lose” (similar to golf, I might point out!).  Despite his non-game-playing ways, he couldn’t resist joining the fun/offering pointers to the kids to try to beat me!


Note the coincidence of the 4 of us playing and a 4 of hearts on the table. Truly, it was a coincidence!

Recess. We definitely include recess as part of the schedule at L‘École de Félix Petit! It’s so nice to have a beautiful park to walk to for a 2-person “match de foot” or playing catch, or just running around.  While taking a break on a bench at the park, we watched a class from a nearby school playing rugby and captured a picture of the beautiful sun rays coming through the clouds!

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Enjoying various French food.  While shopping last evening, I spotted a packaged croque-monsieur, so we decided to try it.  I enjoyed my fair share of croque-monsieur lunches while working in the Kincaid’s building before having kids and wanted to share their yummy goodness with them.  The packaged version doesn’t compare to the ooey goodness of Kincaid’s, BUT now we have a mission to find a great croque-monsieur!  The best must be in France…but where?


Getting out and about during school.  Field trips are also a large part of the L’École de Félix Petit curriculum! 🙂  We finally made it to the library this afternoon.  It’s been on our agenda for several days now.  We asked (en français) where the children’s area was and were directed to the deuxième étage (second floor).  The kids were looking for information on historical figures for a history project they want to do.  G and L both had ideas of who they wanted to research but after reading a bit, they both decided on different people than originally selected.  Stay tuned for further reports on their historical figures project.  

We found two items to check out, but we don’t have a library card.  After talking to the bibliothécaire (librarian), we found out that the kids can get their own cards for free that are good for 6 months as long as they have a passport and an address to provide.  Fun! We’ll head back tomorrow to get them library cards and pick up the books they put on hold.

My favorite part of the library field trip was watching the kids reading French books as they decided which ones would be useful.  They both had things to say about what they read in the various books, and it didn’t phase either of them to be reading in French and then talking to me about them in English!  So cool!


Taking time to do crafts.  Oh how I love crafting, and despite not having a sewing machine…perhaps this has already been mentioned…we have found ways to keep crafts going. I made one washcloth and have started another.  Grace and Leo each make a cross-stitched bookmark and now have made patterns for cross-stitching friends and family!


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Trying new recipes.  L’École de Félix Petit offers cooking as a extracurricular activity that the kids enjoy. 🙂  Converting measurements to the metric system requires a bit of math, and it’s fun to see what we can do in our little apartment with limited resources.  G wondered what we were going to have for dessert tonight as there wasn’t anything on hand. As a result, we whipped up a batch of dark chocolate brownies. Oh la la!  They were magnifique!

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  1. Hi! How fun to see a day in the life of G & L @ home school in France! I suspect they’ll learn lots more during this trip than a year of regular schooling. Very impressed with their French language skills! Wow! A friend of mine (Aussie married to a Frenchman) just shared this link on Facebook about their new Airbnb apartment in Nice. https://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/14196659?bev_ref=1467371043_D8Nmwz6NhLHl%20nIM&user_id=13192993&s=3&sug=50. FYI!
    Good luck with the Croque Monsieur search. Xx

  2. le paquet de farine sur la table, c’est pour le perdant ? Il doit faire des crêpes ?
    Pour le croque-monsieur, le meilleur c’est fait à la maison. Est-ce qu’il y a des appareils électriques dans la cuisine ? Souvent un gaufrier a une plaque faite exprès pour les croque-monsieur, après il faut beurrer 2 tranches de pain de mie, les mettre dans l’appareil beurre contre la plaque, puis mettre du gruyère râpé et du jambon, et fermer l’appareil… et c’est bon !

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