A rainy day in Annecy…

but we still found lots to do and see!

Le Château d’Annecy…

img_20160917_051817 img_20160917_054941 img_20160917_055104 img_20160917_055611 img_20160917_060122img_20160917_054748

Streets, canals, flowers, churches, and the lake…

img_20160917_064719 img_20160917_064859 img_20160917_072931 img_20160917_085154 img_20160917_100216 img_20160917_100240


Le chocolat chaud for the kids (café au lait and beer for the parents)!

img_20160917_092445 img_20160917_092457

Watching the waiters’ race — La Course des Garçons de Café!


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2 Replies to “A rainy day in Annecy…

  1. Love the pictures! Love you! A very dear friend (one of my yaya sisters)
    is going to Annecy in a couple weeks. She and a friend are renting a place for two weeks!!!! Must be a very beautiful and special place.

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