What We Are Like (also in Rhyme)

Here’s another post on myths and stereotypes,
Similarities, differences, and potential gripes.
But this time I’ll try from their point of view,
To talk about us, but again in rhyme for you.

Yes, prevalent smoking is new to us here.
And some in the U.S. do go shopping in gym gear.
Americans are often very casual, the story goes,
But not all of us wear our PJ’s as clothes.

We often work way too much.  Lunch is not an event.
Even though it’s proven that breaks are time well spent.
We’re awarded vacation, but some people lose it.
They crave more free time, but then just don’t use it.

But the myth that we all only know English is untrue.
Many of us strive to speak the language, and other ones too.
We are DEFINITELY, as a U.S. culture, just plain far too loud.
We know. I keep reminding our kids to tone down in a crowd.

Most of us eat much better than McDonald’s and free-refill pop.
And would LOVE to have a nearby bakery and butcher shop.
Yes we know we should walk, but usually default to car.
‘Cause America is really spread out, and places are too far.

As a country we are fat, that’s clearly true.
But not all of us are (although I could sure lose a few).
We drink tap water at restaurants, bubble water is too bold.
And we love our A/C – not too hot, not too cold.

Europe’s not a country, as MOST of us know.
But an OLD place with many cultures, languages, and the Euro.
We’ll learn lots as through these other countries we roam.
And we can enjoy things here, but still really love home.

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1 Reply to “What We Are Like (also in Rhyme)

  1. DUEBER et famille- Quelle bonne choix pour vivre en europe, des pays avec le francais!
    Great to hear from you, see pics, and life as it is now for you. And the rhyme: oh, la la!
    We found the everyday differences to be the real fabric of our international living experiences. And the Bonne Maman is the BEST. We can get it at the Family Fresh in cosmoplitan St. Peter MN. Go figure.
    Post more pics!

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