Favorites so far…

Leaving the windows open — no mosquitoes!!  And along with that, I love the metal shutters that allow the breeze and the sunshine (for cute pictures) but also provide privacy and shade.

img_20160915_101942 img_20160915_104624

A pretty bottle of water in the fridge that we put on the table for each meal.


Espresso each morning!


Walking just a few blocks to get to anything we need or care to go to as well as being just blocks from Lake Annecy and Le Pâquier (a huge landscaped promenade that is the center of many other gardens and parks). 

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Footwear!  I’m fascinated by the footwear!  I haven’t yet figured out how it’s possible to spend the day walking from here to there and back again and then to somewhere else all while wearing shoes that would make my feet hurt walking to the mailbox and back.  I’m jealous and want to know the secret!  I did wear my ballet flats to and from the city center today (twice!) and felt very fancy!  AND my feet were not sad. 🙂


Wearing my apron!  Well, I love wearing it at home, too, but this is one of the items that Mike was surprised to find out I’d packed. 🙂


Confiture Bonne Maman – Fraises (strawberry jam, which happily we also can by at home!) and wine…this one is a favorite today as it’s the first bottle we’ve had. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for all the updates! Love hearing about your life over there and sounds like you have adjusted well! How are prices on food over there compared to here? We don’t see much of Ashley, but everything seems to be going well and Bill cut the grass at your house this week and watered your outdoor plants. Continue to enjoy your adventures! Sending Hugs

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